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Resignation of Travis McCrea as Party Leader

Greetings Fellow Pirates,

As many know by now Travis McCrea has stepped down as leader of the Pirate Party of Canada. On behalf of the Party I would like to thank him for his dedicated service this last year. Under his leadership the Pirate Party of Canada preserved its status as a registered party, began the process of expanding its platform, brought new people into the party and substantially increased its media coverage. Most importantly his drive and vision kept the party together through the challenges of this year.

There are also some people wondering who the heck this James Wilson fellow is. Fair question. I was born and raised in Albert County, New Brunswick but currently reside in Fox Creek, Alberta for reasons familiar to many New Brunswickers. I joined the Pirate Party of Canada during the 2011 Federal Election. Since then I have been involved in the party as a forum commenter, committee member, social media poster and member of the party leadership. I am also the prospective candidate for the riding of Fundy Royal in 2015.

I never aspired to be the leader of the party. I let my nomination stand during the last leadership election due to worries there were not enough candidates running rather than any great desire to lead. For that reason I ultimately threw my support behind Travis, who had a clearly defined vision for the party. It was the right decision. Travis has left some big shoes to fill and I promise you all I will fill them to the best of my ability.

If you have further questions about me, or if you just want to chat, I can be reached at james.wilson@pirateparty.ca


James Wilson

Interim Leader

Pirate Party of Canada

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