Transparency and Truth in Food Labeling

When citizens are informed, they make better choices. In the same way, The Pirate Party of Canada recognizes that for an open market to thrive the choice of the consumer is paramount.

With increasing health concerns such as serious allergies, uncertainty of the long-term health effects of GMOs, and deadly food contamination, transparency and truth in food labeling is important to protect the health of the Canadian citizen.

Use of vague and misleading labels such as “natural flavours” should be phased out. Use of “Organic foods” label should be restricted to the highest standards of preparation, or replaced with a numerical “organic score” system that can be more precise.

A dense online information repository maintained by Health Canada will be created to provide health related information regarding all possible ingredients, preparation methods, and natural or artificial preservatives and other additives. This database will provide uncensored independent information on the potential health risks comparatively between products and brands.

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